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Alexandre Arordi Varbedian
French-Armenian ethnologist and essentialist
Alexandre Varbedian was born on June 11, 1943 in Marseille, in a family with roots from Khoy and Sasun-Bitlis; immigrated into Armenia in 1948. In 1968 he graduated from Architectural Department of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute; and in 1970 from the actor department of film studio “Hayfilm.” In 1975 after moving back to Marseille he continued his professional activities as an Architect, and his ethnological activities as a producer, writer, public speaker, Armenologist, but primarily as ethnologist and essentialist. Mr. Varbedian is a recipient of national and international awards in the first three fields mentioned above.
He authored: the lyrics SOLARIUS, dedicated to the destiny of Armenian nation (Marseille – 1985, formerly a movie script); an armenological study WHO ARE FINALLY THE ARYANS (Marsielle-1988, Yerevan-1990); volume of poems EVOCATION (Yerevan-1991); an exploratory collection IDENTITY (Yerevan-1993); THEORY OF ESSENCE (Yerevan-1995); national ideological study ARYAGANK (Yerevan-1997); a profound study GENESIS-AYA, devoted to 12000-year-old Armenian genealogy and world civilization (Yerevan-2000, second edition: Yerevan-2003); the millennium program EAGANK ("Nation and New Millennium", volume 1, Yerevan-2002); public article NATIONAL CROSSWORD or Who Alexandre Arordi Varbedian Is Disturbing?, (Yerevan-2003); the volume QUALITAS (Yerevan-2004); the collection of aphorisms THOMBSTONE (Yerevan-2005) and THE LETTER E NAME OF AY (“REVELATION”, EAGANK, volume 3, Yerevan-2006).
The following works are ready, but not yet subject to publication: MERIDIAN (EAGANK, volume 2); HORSE’s PACE (EAGANK, volume 4) and NATIONAL CROSS-STONE (“The mystery of October 27 ……”). The volume DESTINY is in the stage of preparation.
Mr. Varbedian has written for around 50 Armenian, Diaspora, and foreign periodicals, edited London based Armenian bi-weekly “Erebuni” (1987), the first issue of ethnological journal “Eutyun” (Yerevan-1992), founded and leaded the French Armenian theatrical group “Arvestanoc Sevak” (1978-1981, award winner of JAF-80 Paris Festival), Diaspora “Haratevman Ukht” union (1986-1990), and the expanded form of that organization with involvement of well-known members of Armenian Intelligentsia, “EUTYUN”- Temple of National Wisdom (Armenia, since 1990).
He had presentations, radio and television programs and numerous activities in the Motherland, in almost all centers of Diaspora and in foreign Universities. And the main theme of all those is the eternity of Armenian nation, the programming and disclosure of its main patterns, the presentation and indoctrination of national identity… ...

His works were recognized by Garzu, S. Paradjanov, M. Ragon, A Terteryan, C. Paren, H. Shiraz, H. Sahyan, academicians Viktor Hambardzumyan, V. Ivanov, S. Yeremyan, and about other sixty Armenian and foreign famouns individuals. British Armenian producer H. Pilikyan labeled him as “Genius Armenian Ambassador ….. with diapason of Shakespeare,” (“Ashkharh” – France, “Zartonk” – Lebanon, 1985), late Vahe Oshakan as “one of very few imaginative, precious, and courageous parts of Armenian history….,” (Azbarez, 13-20.03, 1999, USA), Academician Varazdad Haroutyunyan as “national phenomenon” (in the section devoted to Varbedian of his “My Contemporaries” volume), and others as “The next representative of Armenian ideology after R. Patkanyan, H. Asatryan, and G. Njdeh” (“Hayastani Hanrapetutyun” daily, 30.03.1999). Sevak Aramazd (Hovhannisyan-Germany) is describing him as “….presenters of ARMENIAN SOUL jailed in dark caves, the greatest names of small group of “resolute alones” – D Varujan, K. Zaryan, G. Njdeh, and A. Varbedian” (“Garun” 3.2003). While British IBC – International Biographical Center included him in their Blue book of “Who is who” series (2005), and ABI – American Biographical Institute awarded him the title of “The Great minds of 21st Century” and included him in corresponding volume (2004, about 1000 names), and in January 2006 declared him “The greatest geniuses of 21st Century” (among 500 names). Most recently he was appointed as a member of the Research Board of Advisors of ABI. Nevertheless, starting from 2002 Alexandre Varbedian’s entry to the Motherland is strictly forbidden ……

Mr. Varbedian is non-partisan, has two sons and two grandchildren.

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